Corrective Procedures

Using Follicular Unit Transplantation, Dr. Barr has the ability to correct previous hair transplant procedures that have been performed with outdated techniques. The plug-like or “Corn-Row” look resulting from outdated procedures can be improved by the meticulous placement of follicular unit grafts into the spaces between these larger grafts.

Repair of Old Techniques

These poor techniques can be repaired using a number of methods. New follicular units can be harvested from the scalp and implanted around the existing hair plug grafts to camouflage them.

In some cases the old plugs are removed and then divided into smaller follicular units and re-implanted. Not only does this help reduce the amount of donor hair that needs to be harvested, but it also results in a very natural hair restoration with minimal damage.

At times, both removal of old plugs and new follicular unit transplantation is required in order to improve the appearance of previous hair transplant procedures. During your assessment, Dr. Barr will determine which method best suits your individual needs.

Remaining Donor Hair

When correcting a previous transplantation a significant concern is the amount of available donor hair remaining. Many patients whose prior hair transplant was performed using older methods are left with depleted donor supply areas. Using follicular unit extraction and microscopic dissection, Dr. Barr can harvest donor hair in, and around, the scar tissue produced by past harvesting. This technique dramatically increases the amount of usable hair and results in improved long term correction.