Eyebrow Restoration

More and more of our patients are choosing to pursue eyebrow restoration, either alone or in conjunction with their hair restoration procedure.

Dr. Barr and the Hair Restoration Clinic recognize that the eyebrows are an important aspect of facial aesthetics and facial symmetry. In many cultures, a full eyebrow with significant density is a desired trait. Dr. Barr is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with 20 years of experience in facial aesthetic medicine and surgery. He draws on his vast experience to advise you of the ideal shape, density and position of your eyebrow hair replacement. Using digital imaging, he will show you the proposed outcome so that you can fully appreciate the outcome that is achievable with this procedure.

The single follicle grafts are inserted under exact precision into recipient sites that have been placed with meticulous attention to appropriate angles and depths. This creates brow outcomes that are often exceed the expectations of our patients and perfectly compliment each individual patient’s facial features. No other method of eyebrow enhancement, including tattooing, tinting, and penciling, have the ability to create a completely natural looking brow. Utilizing your own natural hair, eyebrow restoration is undetectable and is the only permanent solution for thinning eyebrows.

Am I a Candidate for Eyebrow Restoration?

You may be an ideal candidate for eyebrow restoration if:

  • You are experiencing hair loss due to trauma (including burns, incisions from surgical procedures).
  • You wish to have fuller eyebrows.