Frank Shoot-24Meet internationally renowned Hair Stylist and Hair Restoration Clinic client,

Frank Marasco

  • Over 50 years in the hair industry
  • Studied at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, England Jean Louis David Academy in Paris, France and Alexandre de Paris and Longueras in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Credentials: Recipient of Silver, Gold & Platinum Master Judge and Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Member of Intercoiffure of America/Mondial since 1980
  • 2013 recipient of Cheena O’Searo Award from Intercoiffure America Canada
  • 2015 recipient of Wella Judge Award
  • 1991 recipient of Oner Award in Caltanissetta, Sicily
  • L’Oreal Canadian Champion 1975
  • Italian Man of the Year Award Lo Zeffiro, Milan
  • Published in over 100 magazines worldwide

What do you find so appealing about working with hair?

Working with hair allows me to express my creativity and allows me to help others feel good about themselves. I change the image of people for the better and that’s what they want. I like making people feel good about their hair and their appearance.

How did hair loss affect your life?

In my salon I work with mirrors. One mirror in the back, and one mirror in the front. When you see yourself in the back every day and your hair keeps getting thinner and thinner, psychologically it makes you feel bad. Two years ago, I decided to do undergo a hair transplant.

Do you discuss your hair restoration procedure with your clients?

I talk to my clients on a daily basis about the success of my hair transplant and recommend to all my clients who are experiencing hair loss to consult Dr. Barr.

When did you first notice your own hair loss?

I began to notice my own hair loss about 10 years ago. I began worrying that eventually, I would lose all my hair and tried hard to cover it up by wearing hats and changing my hairstyles to create the appearance of a more full head of hair. The more hair I lost, the less confident I became about my appearance.

Why did you choose Dr.Barr and the Hair Restoration Clinic for your transplant?

I chose Dr. Barr because of his excellent reputation across the North. I trusted his ability to give me positive results. I hear so much about Dr. Barr and felt that I would be in good hands.

How has your hair restoration with Dr. Barr affected your confidence?

A27Y2111I feel more confident about my appearance. I receive compliments on a daily basis about how much younger I look and that feels good to hear. I’m now able to be more creative with my own hair, changing with the current styles. Many who haven’t seen me in several years remark on my full head of hair and ask me what I’ve done because my fuller head of hair makes me look so much younger! I think others like me would feel better about their appearance if they had hair restoration with Dr. Barr, so I tell my clients about my experience.