Hair Growth Timeline

This chart describes the expected course for an average patient in the two years following hair restoration with Follicular Unit Transplantation. As every patient is unique, the chart serves only as a guide and some variance around the information presented should be expected.

With the exception of the stubble of transplanted hair and some faint redness, the transplant should not be evident to onlookers as early as 6 days after it has been done.


Day 1 to Day 7 Grafted area is kept moist by using the GraftCyte Follicle Spray each hour when awake.
2-3 Days Some redness may be present and some minimal swelling may appear on forehead. Hair is very gently washed twice daily starting two days after the procedure following the instructions provided.
5 Days Any remaining scabbing can be gently removed in the shower.
1 Week Redness is minimal to absent. Any swelling is gone.
2 Weeks Looks and feels like a 4-day-old beard.
2-8 Weeks Transplanted hair may shed as the follicles enter a dormant phase. This is a completely normal process (your hair follicles remain in place).
2-4 Months Some new hair will begin to emerge from the scalp. This new hair will appear thin but will thicken over time.
3-6 Months Transplanted hair begins to become more noticeable and by the sixth month, substantial new growth will be evident.
8 Months Hair can be groomed but still remains fairly thin and fine as new hair continues to grow and thicken.
8-12 Months Patient may consider additional density and coverage and is evaluated for a possible second procedure.
1 Year 90% of the final appearance of procedure is usually present.
1-2 Years Additional fullness may be experienced during the second year. The hair is permanent and can be styled and groomed in any manner.