Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to schedule a consultation?
The consultation provides a comfortable and confidential atmosphere to discuss your desired outcome from hair restoration, as well as your expectations and concerns. During the consultation, Dr. Barr will discuss the causes of your hair loss and specific treatment options that are available to address your specific hair loss issues. Dr. Barr will complete a thorough assessment and discuss your surgical hair restoration options to achieve your optimized permanent hair replacement. Where appropriate, Dr. Barr may choose to illustrate your possible surgical outcome using digital imaging software. Digital photography will be completed during the consultation process as part of your personal and confidential medical record.


Our Facility

The Hair Restoration Clinic is located within Northern Ontario Surgical Centre at 205 Douglas Street at the corner of Cross Street and Douglas Street below SKIN MediSpa.

Entrances to Hair Restoration Clinic are out of sight of passing traffic and ample parking is available. With an entrance and foyer that conceal the actual size of the facility, the centre itself spans 4000 square feet and incorporates a full recovery area, two fully equipped major operating rooms, laser and treatment rooms, spacious consultation areas, a private area to discuss financing options, an elegant front waiting area and a private waiting room and secure rear entrance/exit for additional privacy when desired.


Our Medical Team

Dr. Scott K. M. Barr is a Royal College certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Sudbury with a vast patient base of over 52,000 spanning Northern Ontario as well as Southern Ontario and other parts of Canada. He is known for his meticulous attention to each detail of the hair restoration process. Originally trained by the busiest hair restoration surgeons in Los Angeles and New York City, Dr. Barr’s hair restoration procedures are well known for their extremely natural looking results. Applying his expert aesthetic artistry to the art of hair restoration, Dr. Barr considers the features of each hair restoration patient including the shape of the face and its features, the texture of the hair, the existing follicular distribution and the possibility of future hair loss. Integrating this information, Dr. Barr carefully plans the hair restoration design by selecting the correct angulation, depth and orientation of each follicular placement to generate a completely natural hair growth and density outcome.


Our Philosophy

The decision to improve your appearance is an important one. Over 52, 000 men and women from all over Northern Ontario have trusted the cosmetic expertise of Dr. Scott Barr to help them improve their appearance and self confidence.  You can trust the unmatched blend of experience, skill, safety and care available at the Hair Restoration Clinic.


Our Safety Standards

While increased confidence in your appearance through your hair restoration procedure is our goal, your safety and wellness are our number one concern at the Hair Restoration Clinic. When considering any surgical procedure it is important that you feel confident in your surgeon and safe in the facility.



A variety of payment options are available to patients, all of which can be discussed with one of our patient coordinators. Certified and personal cheques, direct debit, VISA, Mastercard, cash, and independent financing companies are all acceptable methods of payment. Our clients often opt to use one of three medical/dental financing companies called Medicard ,Credit Medical and Crelogix. These are independent financing companies and are not affiliated in any way with the Hair Restoration Clinic.