Restored Hair After Care

Post-treatment Instructions 

Following your procedure, you will receive a set of post-operative instructions to guide you through the first two weeks after your hair restoration procedure.  Don’t be concerned as the post-treatment protocols are straight forward and easy to follow. Dr. Barr has a customized care package that is provided for all our hair restoration patients which contains all that you will need to care for your grafts, donor sites and scalp in the first two weeks.

  • Sleep with your head elevated for the first few nights after surgery.
  • Shower with the special provided shampoo to gently cleanse the donor area starting on the second morning after your procedure.
  • Apply medicated dressings to the recipient sites for short periods during the first two days.
  • Spray your recipient sites every hour when awake for the first week after your procedure.
  • Apply a small amount of medicated ointment to the donor site/sites.

The Healing Process 

As with any procedure, it is very important to follow post-operative instructions carefully. The hair restoration sites will become virtually undetectable after the first week. In areas where you feel the newly transplanted grafts are still visible, a slightly modified hairstyle can help to conceal the area until they heal completely.

Some patients experience mild swelling in the forehead area in the first couple days following the transplant procedure. Dr. Barr provides a prescription medication to minimize this swelling.  If swelling occurs, it often settles with gentle application of cold compresses to the forehead and gentle massage.  If it occurs, it usually resolves after only a few days.


Dr. Barr will call you the day following your procedure to see how you are doing and answer any questions you may have at that time.  If you have any urgent questions, at any time during your recovery, please call the office during regular office hours.  Urgent issues, after hours, or on the weekend, can be addressed by calling Dr. Barr’s pager and he will promptly return your call.

Approximately two weeks following your procedure you will return to the office for your follow up appointment.