The History of Hair Restoration

Hair loss is by no means only a recent concern. For centuries hair has been seen as a sign of youthfulness, vitality, and power, and for just as long, humans have been seeking ways to prevent hair loss and restore their hair. The causes of hair loss have been widely misunderstood by humans and efforts to reverse hair loss have produced all manner of lotions, rituals, and often painful inventions. Serums and tonics concocted by various cultures in an attempt to cure thinning or balding hair have been in use since before the rise of the Roman Empire. When lotions failed, wigs and headpieces of various styles were used to disguise thinning hair. By the 19th century, purported hair loss remedies were being sold by “snake oil” salesmen who sold a variety of lotions and potions which claimed to cure all manner of illnesses and ailments including hair loss.


Natural Hair by Design

Hair restoration surgery has dramatically improved over the past decade and is currently the only long lasting solution for balding or thinning hair. It can now restore your hair and add density by using your own, natural, growing hair. Dr. Barr’s technique is the most advanced available today and is considered the gold standard in hair restoration. By using sophisticated harvesting methods at the back of the scalp, utilization of hair grafts is maximized and each restoration session produces optimal results.


Hair Restoration Considerations

The choice to have a hair restoration procedure is a big decision, and patients have many factors to consider when opting whether or not to pursue treatment. Several factors can contribute to the type of hair restoration procedure recommended for you, and the outcome you can expect.


Follicular Unit Transplants

Gold Standard for Hair Restoration The state of the art techniques used by Dr. Barr are internationally considered the “gold standard” in surgical hair restoration. The Follicular Unit Transplant requires more time, care, precision and artistry on the part of the surgeon and staff, but offers many benefits to the patient. The high densities of transplanted hair achievable using this technique will typically produce the appearance of fullness even after only one restoration session. Due to the extremely small recipient sites, patients also experience rapid healing with no visible skin distortions.


Can You Correct My Old Hair Plugs?

Using Follicular Unit Transplantation, Dr. Barr has the ability to correct previous hair transplant procedures that have been performed with outdated techniques. The plug-like or “Corn-Row” look resulting from outdated procedures can be improved by the meticulous placement of follicular unit grafts into the spaces between these larger grafts.


Eyebrow Restoration

More and more of our patients are choosing to pursue eyebrow restoration, either alone or in conjunction with their hair restoration procedure.