Tricomin® Hair Products

Tricomin® hair products are scientifically designed for individuals suffering from hair loss, and thin or fine hair. They are formulated with a patented combination of copper and essential amino acids, known as the Triamino Copper Complex.™ These products are designed for both men and women, and can be used in conjunction with topical or oral medications such as Rogaine® or Propecia® to help reduce hair loss and improve the health of your hair.

Copper is a key ingredient when it comes to improving the health and vitality of your hair for a number of reasons including reducing free radical damage, increasing production of melanin which provides pigmentation, and inhibiting the production of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is known to progressively shorten the growth phase of the hair follicle. Reducing the enzyme  5 alpha reductase can help to reduce the effects of DHT on hair follicles, thus slowing or reversing hair loss. Tricomin® is the only treatment aside from Rogaine® and Propecia® that has stimulated the growth of hair in partial FDA trials. In Phase II clinical studies, Tricomin® had positive outcomes for some of the 36 men who used the treatment twice a day for 24 weeks.

The blend of ingredients found in Tricomin® is what your hair needs to strengthen and grow. Your hair passes through several phases in its growth cycle including a growth phase (anagen), a transitional phase (catagen) and a resting phase (telogen). During the growth phase, the base of the hair follicle (dermal papilla) receives nourishment from various proteins. During the transitional and resting phase the hair follicle shrinks and the dermal papilla breaks away from the hair. It is during these phases that the hair lacks nourishment from these proteins. Copper has proven to stimulate the cells responsible for providing these nutrients. Tricomin® delivers a formulation of copper and amino acids to the base of the hair follicle, thus helping to shorten the resting phase of the hair cycle, causing more hair hairs to be in a growth phase at any given time.

Aside from Copper, Tricomin® products contain a variety of essential amino acids that help to increase body and volume of hair as well as add shine.


Tricomin® Follicle Therapy Spray is a leave-in spray that can be used on wet or dry hair. It enriches your scalp with Triamino Copper Complex™, minerals and properties that help to build body in fine hair.


Tricomin® Conditioning Shampoo is an advanced cleansing and conditioning system that treats both your scalp and your hair. It is formulated with Triamino Copper Complex™ and a blend of essential nutrients and amino acids that will condition your scalp while making your hair feel thicker and fuller.


Tricomin® Revitalizing Shampoo is a restorative daily shampoo for fine, thinning or damaged hair. It is fortified with Triamino Copper Complex™ and uses essential amino acids and minerals to help increase body and restore structure and vitality.


Tricomin® Restructuring Conditioner works to restore your hair’s natural protein and mineral balance. It builds structure, body and shine for thinning or damaged hair through a nourishing blend of nutrients and Triamino Copper Complex™.